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I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Frankwick. She delivered my first child by emergency c/s in 2008 after a very difficult labor. She knew it was not the birthing outcome I had hoped for, and could see that I was scared. She ordered all of the nurses to stop their bustling around, and pulled up a chair next to me. She asked me what I was the most afraid of, and talked with me for almost a half hour, answering my questions and calming my fears before we headed to the OR.

Dr. Frankwick was a huge emotional support during my two miscarriages that followed my '08 birth. Her compassion and level headed approach to the situation were a lifeline for me during that difficult time. I gave birth to my second child in 2013 at 36.5 weeks, via drug free vbac. The pregnancy itself was slightly high risk due to a cervical polyp that Dr. Frankwick successfully removed in my 2nd trimester. She was wonderful about calling me back in person whenever I had a question or concern throughout my pregnancy. She was entirely supportive of an attempted vbac, or a scheduled cesarean delivery. I appreciated that she did not force me into one option over another, that she simply discussed the pros and cons of each, and empowered me to make the decision that felt right for me. One of the nurses that I met while my son was in the special care nursery told me that she considers

Dr. Frankwick to be one of the most intelligent OB's on staff at NW Hospital. I completely agree with that statement, and feel blessed to have been under her care. I trust her completely, and am so thankful for the emotional and physical support that I received from her throughout my pregnancies.

Patient Testimonials


Dr. Vu is an amazing doctor. I say this with such gratitude, after having my two beautiful children with the assistance of her prenatal and emotional care. My daughter, an uncomplicated pregnancy and vaginal delivery, is perfect. My son, with whom I had Placenta Previa and an emergency c-section, is also perfect. Not many people have such a rounded experience, and there is no one I would trust more than Dr. Vu to get me through it all. She truly captures everything a doctor should be. She goes above and beyond. Like I said, she is amazing!


Patient TestimonialsI am a new mom, my baby girl was born on december 10, she is cute and in perfect health, my doctor is Dr. Ali Lewis, I don't think I can say enough about this doctor, she is so caring so gentle and she knows what she is doing, Dr Lewis was calm, confident, caring, and did an awesome job and I m so blessed that I chose her, thank you Dr.




I would highly recommend Dr. Salerno as a physician. She is kind, caring and always takes time to connect with me on a personal level before she taking care of my medical needs and that is not always easy to find. :)


I am a patient of Dr. Rodrigues and I would highly recommend her. She is personable, professional and provides her patients a very clear sense of understanding. Her in-depth knowledge and clear communication provides an excellent level of care that is crucial to a patient's well-being.


I would like to say how wonderful Dr. Rodrigues has been to me throughout my medical treatment. She is methodical in developing a treatment plan and carrying it out successfully. I would highly recommend Dr. Rodrigues you will love her!


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